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The following terms and conditions constitute a binding between Quikbranding and The USER, and should be read carefully. By clicking on the "ACCEPT / I AGREE" button, the user becomes a party to this agreement and is consenting to be bound by it. If the user does not agree to all the terms, he/she can click on the "DO NOT AGREE / CANCEL" button and leave the website. These terms shall govern use of all our products and website.

The User agrees that :
  1. He / She is at least 18 years of age; is competent and of sound mind; and has the authority to enter into this Agreement,
  2. The use of this website would be in compliance with Indian laws,
  3. This Agreement is binding and enforceable against him/her,
  4. In case an individual is accepting this Agreement on behalf of an entity, such individual has the right and authority to agree to all of the terms set forth herein on behalf of such entity, and
  5. He / She has read and understands our Privacy Policy, the terms of which are posted at the Website and incorporated herein by reference (the "Privacy Policy"), and agree to abide by the Privacy Policy.
THIS SERVICE AGREEMENT (the “Agreement”) is effective from the date of purchase of any of the available package and replaces all previous versions of the Service Agreement.

    “Agreement” shall mean this agreement together with its Annexures.

    “Effective Date” is the date of activation of this agreement by clicking on “I Agree / Confirm” and upon realization of payment of services on a given period of time.

    “Intellectual Property” shall mean all intellectual property including, without limitation, the trademarks, service marks, copyrights, industrial designs, source code, business method, whether or not utilized in the performance of this Agreement.

    “Officially Valid Documents” shall mean the six notified documents by Government of India, which are officially valid documents (OVDs) for the purpose of producing proof of identity. These six documents are Passport, Driving Licence, Voters’ Identity Card, PAN Card, Aadhaar Card issued by UIDAI and NREGA Card treated as an ‘Officially Valid Document’ pursuant to the Prevention of Money Laundering Rules under the Prevention of Money Laundering Act 2002 and is a valid process for KYC verification.

    “Dashboard” shall mean the interface that the User will access to avail the information of his/her business.

    “KYC” shall mean “Know your Customer” and is the process by which we obtain information regarding the identity and address of the User to ensure that services rendered are not misused. The KYC procedure is to be completed by providing necessary OVDs periodically.


    The User has paid the full amount of the package, which is available for purchasing the Services as mentioned in the document. The User is to be responsible to ensure that he / she will act and abide by the terms and conditions as specifically mentioned in this document and website of the company.

    It is specifically agreed and understood by the User that the conditions mentioned can be amended by the Company at any time at its sole discretion. In this event, the company will notify the same by displaying the amendments on the website.


    The price of a package is subject to change without prior notice. The users are advised to check the same from time to time. QuikBranding grants users the permission to create an account during tenure of this agreement.

    The invoice(s) submitted by the company shall be subject to inspection and verification by the User and any discrepancies therein shall be brought to the our notice within 7 days of receipt of the invoice(s). If necessary, we shall modify and provide an amended invoice(s). The Company shall withhold taxes at applicable rates as required by law and provide necessary certificates evidencing such deduction in due course. Service Tax is additional as applicable.


    The User shall not disclose to any third party, without the consent of the company, either the price or other terms of the agreement.

    User can write to us at info@quikbranding.com or for any query or concern. We will try our best to provide a resolution within 48 hours.

    The User shall immediately inform us of any changes that could affect the services/business Solutions.

    The User shall not use our products or services illegally and / or prohibited activity for conducting any illegal activity under applicable laws.

    The User shall not create a false identity for the purpose of utilizing our services and products for misleading others.

    The User shall not reverse engineer, decode, disassemble, or in any way derive source code from this website.

    The User shall submit identification documents as proof of his personal as well as business identity, as regulated by the Govt. of India.


    The User shall not hold the Company responsible in respect of any damage or loss he /she may suffer on account of any non compliance of User’s obligations.

    Each party shall be separately responsible for compliance with relevant laws subject matter of this agreement.


    Neither party shall be liable for any delay or default in obligations if such default or delay is caused by fires, power failures, acts of God, wars, riots, strikes, terrorist attack, or damage to machinery. The affected party shall intimate other party of such occurrences within a reasonable time.


    Any legal action pertaining to this Agreement shall be subject to the jurisdiction of Courts of New Delhi alone to the exclusion of other courts.

    All the decisions taken by the company shall be final and in no event, the User has the right to object the same.

These are the terms and conditions on which Quikbranding will carry out work for you. They will apply each time that you ask us to do work for you, or carry out a Project. They set out our professional services and what you can expect from us. Please read them carefully.

  • All charges & prices for services carried out by the Company are subject to VAT (where applicable) at the prevalent rate.
  • All estimated prices quoted, whether written or verbal, are for the listed and mentioned services only. Any additional services required to complete a project will be quoted for in advance and charged accordingly. Deliveries and couriers are additional.
  • All work is billed either monthly or on completion of project stage, or the relevant hourly charge as previously agreed.
  • All estimates are based on expected or agreed design time and include two sets of authors corrections where alterations are called for by the Client, or if additional changes are required by client.
  • Where there is a change of brief, the Company will inform the Client in advance of any extra costs likely to be incurred.
  • All projects are planned to an agreed schedule. Non-adherence to this schedule by the Client may result in compromising final delivery deadlines. If this is likely to occur, the Company will advise the Client as soon as this becomes evident and suggest an alternative solution where feasible. This may incur additional costs.
  • Whilst every effort will be made to achieve agreed delivery, the Company cannot accept liability or be held financially responsible for any targets or deadlines being missed for delivery of any work which is outside of the Company's control.
  • For all new clients, payment for the full or part amount + VAT may be requested in advance of commencement, as agreed between parties. For any subsequent invoiced work, the Company must receive full payment not later than 30 days after the date of Invoice. The Company reserves the right to make a surcharge of 2% per month interest to accounts that are not paid by this time. Client credit screening may affect any subsequent credit agreement.
  • Once a client has agreed to the Company's current Terms and Conditions on a credit account with the company, Quikbranding shall invoice in project stages e.g. Stage 1 Conceptual Design, Stage 2 Detailed Design and Design Development etc. Upon stage completion unless where exceptional terms have been agreed with the client.
  • Quikbranding reserves the right to invoice for any disbursements for part works carried out including third party costs incurred on a project should the project be unable to be completed for any reason or has been delayed/put on hold by the Client for a period of 4 weeks or more then stage invoicing will occur.
  • In good faith, Quikbranding would hold any supplied files, originals and materials for a period of up to 12 months. Resumption of works on the project would be completed according to the original schedule of costs so long as the project specification remained unaltered.
  • Disbursements on behalf of any client may result in a request for payment in advance from the Client.
  • All creative work produced and devised during a project(s), creative, digital, software files and related correspondence remain the property – physically, intellectually and in copyright, of the Company until full payment has been made on the Client's account, and all project costs have been cleared.
  • Once final proofs/materials have been signed off, the Company cannot be held responsible financially or otherwise for any errors relating to print, programming or any end product.
  • It is the responsibility of the Client that all materials (including, but not limited to images, diagrams, logos, videos, data, as well as intellectual property in other media) supplied to Quikbranding by the client will have the relevant copyrights, licenses and permissions for use in the commissioned project. The company will not accept responsibility/liability for infringements caused by any wrongly supplied materials.
  • The Company reserves the right to commission freelance support or outsource any job if it is felt it is in the best interests of the Client. Any outsourced job remains the property/responsibility of the company and such services are deemed to be carried out 'indirectly' by the Company.
  • As part of larger projects which involve 3rd parties commissioned directly by the client, the Company will not be held responsible in any way for services not carried out/managed directly or indirectly by the Company.
  • Advice of any loss, quality or damage issues must be reported to the Company within five clear working days of delivery and receipt (whether be printed or digital) and any claim in respect thereof must be made in writing to the Company within 3 working days thereafter. The Company shall not be liable in respect of any claim unless the aforementioned requirements have been complied with.
  • In the event of any bona fide dispute or difference arising between the parties in connection with the Contract (excluding any dispute relating to non payment of the Charges, for whatever reason), the parties shall attempt to resolve such dispute or difference in good faith or by mediation. It is the responsibility of the Client to inform the Company immediately of any issue that may lead to a dispute (including but not limited to quality, service, cost, deadline), without such information, no disputes will be entered into.
  • Every endeavor will be made to deliver the correct printed quantity ordered, but estimates are conditional upon margins of 5%. The Company reserves the right to change/alter ordered amounts in the Clients best interest.
  • Whilst taking every care to protect all media and correspondence supplied, the Company cannot accept liability or be held responsible financially or otherwise for any loss. Disputes will not be entered into.
  • The Company cannot guarantee the Client exclusivity of any marketing concept, strategy, design or other intellectual property provided. Therefore the Company will not accept liability for any alleged claim from the Client or any Third Party as the result of unintentional similarity in part or whole of a Third Party's copyright protected or registered trademark or brand, identity, strapline, colour usage, image style and content, product or otherwise.
  • It remains the Client's responsibility to seek copyright protection if desired for any creative/intellectual property provided to the Client by the Company.
  • If at any point during the project cycle a client wishes to cancel, they may do so but will be invoiced an amount that the company judges to be proportional to the amount of work completed on the commission and further compensatory charges for booked design time or printing press time or any other supply costs accruing.
  • The Company reserves the right to the addition of our Company credit on printed or digital projects unless instructed otherwise by the Client and, to the use for self-promotion any work carried out for the Client.
  • The Company reserves the right to use both initial creative concepts and final approved design work for the purposes of the Company's marketing activities (both online and offline) unless otherwise requested/agreed with the Client.
  • Terms and Conditions may be changed at any time without prior notice to its clients. Notification will be sent to all clients at the time of the Terms and Conditions alterations.
  • The company shall be under no liability if it should be unable to carry out any provision of the contract for any reason beyond its control including (without limiting the foregoing), Act of God, Legislation, War, Act of terrorism, Fire, Flood, Drought, Failure of power supply, Lock out, Strike by employee's in contemplation of furtherance of dispute or inability to procure materials required for the performance of the contract. During the continuance of such a contingency the Customer may, by written notice, elect to terminate the contract and pay for work done and materials used, but subject thereto, shall otherwise accept delivery when available.
  • Quikbranding will have a lien over any product, data or materials if all payments due from you have not been paid and cleared in full within 1 month from the date of the invoice. We reserve the right to withhold the services.

The Client is agreeing fully to the Company's trading Terms and Conditions by commissioning our services.

Terms & Condition

  1. Registration Free.
  2. You must be at least 18 years of age.
  3. You have to fill a Business Associate Application Form under the Sponsorship of Existing Business Associate of The Company.
  4. KYC (must be Submitted in Physical Form) Is Must for Any Withdrawal Otherwise No Income will be Generated.
    • Photograph
    • PAN Card must
    • ID Proof > Voter ID/ Driving License / Any Govt. Issued ID
    • Bank Account details.
  5. After successful Submission of The Application Form, You will be getting a Unique Business ID.
  6. To Qualify for Team Development Bonus, You have to Join 2 Direct Business Volume for 10000 BV ( Left and Right)
  7. Any Commission will be distributed in Cash Point & Rewards Point / Promotional Working Points.*
  8. Withdrawal request will be made on 10th, 20th, and 30th of every month and will be processed with 7 working days.
  9. Minimum Withdrawal Points would be in Multiples of 1000* Points.
  10. Cash Points will be Transferred any time to Shopping Wallet.
  11. Maximum limit per day for team development bonus as per package.
  12. Development Bonus will be generated in multiples of 10000 matching business volume*.
  13. Distributor Referral Commission is 10% and Team Development bonus 5%.
  14. Cash Point Request should be done in multiple of 1000's.
  15. Distributor ID Change / Code / Transfer on Affidavit of Rs.100 Only with Non-Refundable fee of Rs.500.
  16. Deductions:

    Referral Income: 10% Shopping + 10% Admin + 10% TDS

    Team Development Bonus: 10% TDS

    EPC Income:10% Shopping + 5% Admin + 10% TDS


    I have understood all the term and conditions in detail. I am 18+ and of sound mind, no body persuade me nor I have been solicited by anyone to join this

    Company is only liable for cash deposit in company's account and confirmed by Company.

    Quik Branding has not authorised / is not liable for any cash collected by any individual on Quik Branding behalf. Quik Branding package will be sent only after the payment received in Quik Branding Account along with KYC (in physical form) confirmed by Quik Branding.

    All disputes are subject to delhi jurisdiction. Any & all terms & conditions can be changed prior notice.