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What is a creative agency?

At a creative agency, you will find passionate individuals who specialize in different areas, ranging from web design to digital marketing, but they are not limited to a single skill set. Using an interactive approach, they can adapt to any project or situation and always move in leaps and bounds to create trends rather than follow them.

How much will I have to pay?

It's hard to say because our rates are calculated on a case-by-case basis according to the work that's required. Our approach involves personalizing the work that we do so we can achieve the best outcomes for our clients, so naturally rates vary as a result.

How do I determine my advertising budget?

It depends on what you want your results to be and if you are satisfied with consistent but slower growth or if you want to experience faster growth from the beginning. Remember that advertising is an investment in your business so it is important when you plan all aspects of your business to include a budget for advertising. You also may want to research your competition especially if they have been successful and find out what is working. Whatever your budget is, you want to ask how much do you need to sell to break even and is that figure realistic? Obviously, you want to do more than break even, but this is a starting point. It is important when creating an ad campaign to establish realistic expectations of yourself, your agency and your business.

Are there any geographical limitations?

None! Working across borders has become second nature to us, and we have successfully completed projects for companies around the world South East Asia, Europe, and the Middle East.

What services can I choose from?

Our main services are branding, e-commerce, marketing, mobile apps advertising, search engine optimization, display advertising and ppc. However, we are not limited to these areas and are willing to give anything a try or find someone with the right expertise and experience to lend us a hand.

What types of projects do you produce?

We have completed a pretty colorful range of projects including logos, branding, menus, mobile apps, social media marketing and the list goes on! For a full description of our projects, head to our services page.

What are the KYC documents that I have to submit?

One can submit any of the below-mentioned documents:

In how much days my KYC will get approved?

It takes 2-3 days after you upload your KYC documents. The documents are acceptable in .jpeg format & the size should be less than 2 MB. The documents uploaded must be clearly visible. In case the KYC is rejected users will get a message on the registered number & email specifying the reason. Once the documents are resubmitted, it will again take 2-3 days for approval.

How many packages can be purchased on 1 PAN card ?

A maximum of 3 packages can be purchased using 1 PAN Card w.e.f 1 September 2016 (Keep visiting this space regularly for any changes).

What are Rewards?

In order to promote sales, different rewards are announced in the organization from time to time. The rewards can be announced on Monthly, Quarterly, or Yearly basis. Kindly check the website for updated information. Terms and conditions are applicable with rewards.

Can I keep same mobile number / email address for packages bought by my blood relatives?

Yes, users can keep same mobile number/email ID for packages bought by blood relation users.

Is there any age limit for purchase of package?

Yes, a user must be 18 years of age to purchase ST packages. Maximum Age is 65.